Profile of a NavFusion Campus Leader

Profile Essentials

  • Heart for students
  • Available at least 5 hours a week for ministry
  • Man or woman
  • Have a philosophy of ministry that aligns with The Navigators Calling, Values and Statement of Faith, and fulfilling responsibilities in support of them
  • Ability to present the Gospel and personal testimony to non-believers
  • Ready to work in close concert with other Navigators
  • Remain in communication with and be open and accountable to coach/coordinator
  • Attending regional conferences and training events (as possible)
  • Linking ministry with regional Nav collegiate ministry
  • No personal moral/legal history, conduct, or reputation that reflects poorly on our Lord, The Navigators, or the campus
  • Personal walk with Christ:
    • by remaining in communion with Christ and submitting to the Lordship of Christ in life and ministry
    • by maintaining a consistent time in the Word, personal prayer and prayer for his or her ministry on campus
    • by remaining in regular fellowship with like-hearted believers
    • by being open and accountable with a spiritual advisor(s) including fellow Navigators
    • (if married) by having a growing Christ-centered marriage relationship
  • Involvement on campus at least once each week to do, as necessary, any of
    • Meet students
    • Present the gospel to students
    • Invite them into Bible study group
    • Lead Bible study group
    • Disciple individual students in their walk with God and in ministry to others
    • Encourage and exhort students in God’s word
    • Pray with students
    • Help students organize fun activities
    • Help students recruit other students
    • Help students become disciplemakers

Goals for a NavFusion Campus

In a somewhat chronological progression:

  • Prayer for the campus
  • Students in Bible study
  • Discipling of students
  • Outreach to non-believing students
  • Students attending Nav regional conferences
  • Students beginning to minister alongside Campus Leader
  • The ministry’s identity is closely associated with The Navigators
  • Students attending Summer Training Programs, Summer Missions Trips and EDGE Preview
  • Graduates beginning to connect with other Nav ministries after college (b2g, Metro, Military, Missions, etc.)
  • Students engaged in evangelism and establishing
  • Students co-leading the ministry
  • Students serving at conferences and STPs
  • Some graduates joining EDGE Corps and others regularly connecting with other Nav ministries
    after college

  • Note that there is no mention of large group meetings. These are encouraged, but not necessary to shape a NavFusion ministry on a particular campus.
  • Many campuses have a close association with a local church, some with other Christian organizations.
  • The groups name does not have to be “The Navigators” to be associated with NavFusion, although this is recommended. However, a growing alignment with The Navigators calling and values should characterize the group regardless of the name.
  • Availability of the Campus Leader will have a large bearing on how far through the chronology will a particular campus progress. It is NOT expected that every campus will progress through the entire list, but it is hoped that continued progress will be made in advancing down the list as time goes on.