Become a NavFusion Coach

The NavFusion coach is the key to making NavFusion work on most campuses. Few Campus Leaders are able to keep a NavFusion campus going without some help from a staff Coach. Most don’t need a lot of help, but they all need encouragement and access to someone who can bring experience and wisdom to bear on their particular situations.

The Coach can be from any Navigator mission as long as he or she has a heart for student ministry and a desire to team up with the Collegiate Mission in some small way. A specific NavFusion Coordinator will be a coach to the coach.

A NavFusion Coach:

  • Provides a vital connection to the Campus Leader (CL) at whatever level of contact is possible for the Coach and needed by that Campus Leader. This will vary greatly from person to person.
  • Gives the CL the opportunity to receive encouragement, advice, counsel, ideas, and materials as needed through communication with the coach. (Usually 3-5 hours per month by phone or face-to-face and a visit once or twice a semester. The fall launch may require a bit more time.)
  • Connects the Campus Leader and his or her ministry to the Collegiate Navigators.
  • Ensures the students in a ministry are invited (by the Campus Leader) to regional conferences, training programs, seminars and events.
  • Can often speak at Nav Night (if there is one) or offer to do training for student leaders. Occasionally, Coaches will meet one-on-one with key student leaders.
  • Can be a man or a woman with a heart for students (but not necessarily the stamina to keep up with students) and a philosophy of ministering through other leaders. Married or single.

Contact: Brad Miller (NavFusion Director) at (970) 214-2504 or email:

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