Become a NavFusion Coordinator

Are you interested in helping students from multiple campuses come to Christ and learn to labor among their peers? We’d love to talk with you. There are several openings for NavFusion Coordinator, a full-time staff position that focuses on helping volunteers carry out the Navigators calling on campus. You’d be surprised by the breadth of life experiences that current coordinators have brought to the job – nuclear engineer, university vice-president, landscaper, pastor, printer, lawyer. We’ll explore details with you, and if the fit is right, we’ll orient, train and support you.

Job Description

A NavFusion Coordinator will have a heart for students while believing God for works on several campuses across the region. He or she will recruit, coach, resource and encourage volunteer campus leaders throughout the region. This full-time staff person will be part of the regional Collegiate Team and will be linked to and resourced by the national NavFusion team. The NavFusion Coordinator will embrace the general philosophy of working through other leaders.

Contact Tom Young by email for more information:

Purpose of a Coordinator

To oversee, lead and expand NavFusion collegiate ministries in a region. What undergirds this position is maintaining, developing, and deepening your walk with God, personal integrity and marriage relationship (if married). Further, it is assumed that you would take this as a spiritual responsibility, and not simply an organizational role.

Responsibilities of a Coordinator

  1. Provide oversight of the NavFusion ministries in your geographic area; encouraging, resourcing and providing communication linkage for NavFusion campus leaders.
  2. To expand NavFusion within your geographic area, recruiting new campus leaders while ensuring that the needs of existing NavFusion ministries are met.
  3. To work as an active member of the Regional Staff Team (as desired by the Regional Leader), and to work closely with your Regional Leader to help foster one Navigator student work and create synergy between staff-led and NavFusion branches of that work. This may entail assignments or responsibilities from the Regional Leader that are outside the realm of NavFusion.
  4. To work as an active member of the NavFusion Coordinators Team. From time to time, this may require assisting the NavFusion National Director with projects, programs and various activities in the accomplishment of NavFusion objectives.
  5. Participate faithfully in the NavFusion Support Mechanisms.
  6. To represent NavFusion in various forums within your geographic area of responsibility.
  7. To relate well with national, regional and local collegiate staff and the wider Navigator staff family. NavFusion relies heavily on networking and relationships built on trust and mutual respect.
  8. As opportunities arise, to assist in recruiting additional Navigator full-time staff (who are considering a change of assignment) to work as NavFusion Regional, City/Metro and Area Coordinators as their primary assignment.
  9. Raise prayer support for NavFusion in your region.
  10. Reach and maintain your personal support at 100%.