Help for Existing Groups

What specific resources do The Navigators have to offer my group?

  1. The Navigators can connect you with a staff or staff-trained coach in your area to provide you with counsel and/or training. Please contact us.
  2. Bible study materials are available for purchase at
  3. Invite you to campus meetings, conferences, and training programs in your area of the country, with which your group may be involved.
  4. Have a staff/coach come to your campus and make available to you on-site training in specific areas of ministry.

What resources are available through other sources?

Some great resources to consider are the following:
Can I get coached in leading a ministry?

Absolutely! The Navigators have coaches available to help you. Please contact us and we’ll have someone contact you about possibilities.

What does a coach do?

A coach will meet with you to assess your situation, show you ways to reach and train students, suggest methods and materials, perhaps go to your campus with you to demonstrate how it may be done, and continue to meet with you to keep you going in ministry. Please contact us.

How do I get connected with a coach?

The Navigators have staff and staff trained coaches, who may be available to come to your campus and meet with you and your students, in order to help make your group effective in reaching and training students on your campus. Please contact us.

Does my group have to join The Navigators to be coached?

Your group is certainly not required to join The Navigators or be called The Navigators on your campus in order to be a part of the NavFusion network and to receive help from a Navigator coach. However, we strongly urge you to affiliate your group with The Navigators by name in order to make it clear to all involved that you are associated with The Navigators.